Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bill O'Reilly screamed his point of "View"

C'mon, Mr. Bill!  You had a valid point on the View last week, but you stooped to Whoopi's and Joy's level by yelling too.  I know Bernie Goldberg (no relation) said that you should have been more specific, but in my humble opinion you already had the big stick.  Mr. O'Reilly, you should have talked softly.

As do all leftist ideologues, Whoopi Goldberg pulled out what she considers a trump card - Timothy McVay.  Yes, he was a terrorist.  Yes, he used weapons of mass destruction to kill innocents on US soil.  Yes, he was a white supremacist nut job. 

See!  Whoopi's right!  There are radical extremists who are white!  But hold on, funny lady.  Although McVay and his heinous accomplices have hordes of fanatical followers across the country, they are merely a grain of sand on a beach covered with Islamic radicals AROUND THE WORLD. 

Yes, this view of Islam does inspire nut jobs and not job rulers alike, but the question really is, "Allah who?"  See, it is a religious war - and the perpetrators are Muslim.  And they have started recruiting in the US.  For government overthrow, like McVay?  Not exactly.  For racist hierarchy?  Kinda.  To convert the whole world to Islam, or suffer the brutal and bloody death of the infidel?  Bingo!  If Jewish "heathens" Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg could speak, they would so from experience.  Get the drift, Ms. Johnson (She took on Goldberg to cash in on the Jewish connection to comedy)?  It seems your trump card has shmutz all over it.

As your ancestors know, if you don't fight back - you're fucked.  And if you do fight back - the cowards among you will sell you out, and you're still fucked.  Your culture disappears, your religion disappears, and you're in a foreign land - assimilating... slowly and painfully.  This is what the radical Muslims want. 

The whole wide world is being sold out by cowards who hide behind a wall of political correctness, meanwhile, they laugh - oh how they laugh.  Google it some time.  It's only a matter of time for the rest of us.  Go ahead, Behar, go to Spain and tell them it wasn't Muslims who blew all those people up.  Go to Israel and tell them that the idiot who wants to wipe them off the map isn't a Muslim.  Go to the 23 countries that have lost 703 lives to the cries of "Allahu Akbar!" (last month alone) and tell the 5 religions targeted that it isn't a religious holy war.

Okay, now I'm just pissed.  It's as if Major Nidal Hassan never blew away his compatriots on US soil, or as if  Faisal Shahzad didn't set a bomb in Times Square!  Radical Islam is here already.  Honor killings and all.  How close does this shit have to hit before elitist Hollywood learns a lesson?  Until moderate Muslims show their disapproval?  Until American Mosques are not used as recruiting places. 

Global Islamic terror didn't start with 9/11, and it won't end with a Mosque in New York.  They want you dead, ladies.  You represent all they hate about the West.  Understand?  Women speaking publicly?  Showing contempt for men - and dressing like them too?  Oh, Joy, you are truly stupid.  Whoopi, I thought you were smarter.  Oh fucking well.