Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reform - wha?

Don't get me wrong.  Sukkot is here and I'm as giddy as a yiddy, however, something is up my gartel in the worst way... REFORM!

I just heard that a "temple" rabbi told a friend of mine that a kosher kitchen was the last thing on his agenda.  Now, he wasn't talking about his kitchen at home, 'cause that's his own beeswax, but the synagogue one!

Sure, Reform Jews are lax on some things - like homosexual rabbi's when the Torah specifically says no buggering - but I digress.  Wouldn't a place of Jewish worship want to accommodate Jews?  A synagogue without a kosher kitchen?  Is this goy guy stoned?

They can bring in a truckload of Streitz and have nowhere to heat it up!  Oy fricken vey...

I know, some people like me obey kashrut to a certain degree.  I buy everything I can with a kosher seal on it, and everything else is veggies and fish.  No halachic slaughter houses 'round here.  Hey, rav, when you drive through Micky D's, you avoid meat and cheese even though it's not kosher, right?  No pork for you.  No shellfish.  So why be a slacker?  You run a fricken synagogue, do it right for G-d's sake!  Not a metaphor, my friends, not at all.

Chag sameach, invite those Holy Ushpizin, but don't feed 'em from a Reform kitchen.

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